Friday, February 12, 2016

None of us like thinking about serious illness or death at all, so it is very human to say to oneself “I have lots of time to do it later”.

As “later” is a very flexible time frame, the two major events that push many clients to call to make an appointment are:

  1. taking a trip (usually right before the departure date); and
  2. the recent death of a family member, sometimes because of an intestacy and the extra delay, effort, cost and conflict that has arisen and sometimes because it brings home that we may or may not have “time later”.

So, some of reasons I have heard for not having a current valid Will include:
“I’ll do it before my next trip.”
“Everything I own is joint with my spouse.”
“I only have debts.”
“I don’t know a lawyer and it will be too expensive to hire one.”
“Organizing my stuff will be a huge pain.”
“Talking about illness and death is more uncomfortable than talking about sex.”
“I’ll fill out one of those forms someday” (available in business stores, bookstores, and grocery stores everywhere) or “I will handwrite my own” (a holograph will).”
“My family will do the right thing.”
“I don’t know what to do or I am having a hard time deciding what to do.”

Of all of these, some of which I understand personally, the toughest one to answer is the last, but even in those situations, there may be options that can be discussed and investigated and a preferred plan put in place. For all the others, if you recognize yourself, and want to hear the contrary view and rest of the story, contact any lawyer with wills and estates experience.

Your loved ones don’t need a perfect plan, just the best one you can make now!

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