It is hard to believe two weeks have flown by since the 2016 Fredericton Women’s Show. It was a great experience for me, from the planning stage right through the 13 hours over two days. Quite a number of brave souls stopped by to find out more about preparing a Will and Power of Attorney or to share their own and their families’ estate experiences.

This week brings the first of the three information sessions I have organized @The Ville, at which Mary Dingee Jacobs, from TD Wealth and Theresa Barton from McAdam’s Funeral Homes are joining me to talk about:

Saving and Investing for the future, 

Planning a Funeral, and 

Making a Will and Power of Attorney

So if you want to know more, bring your questions and join us @The Ville, Canada Street, Community Room on:

Tuesday, May 17, 20167-9 pm, 

Thursday May 26, 20167-9 pm or

Tuesday, May 31, 20162-4 pm

I am getting really excited (or more truthfully, maybe a bit nervous and anxious). Pourquoi? Because I Wills for the UnWilling am going to be exhibiting at the Fredericton Women’s Show at the Currie Centre, (2016 Sat., Apr 30 - 10:00 a.m. - 6 p.m., Sun., May 1- 11 a.m. - 4:00 p.m) talking to anyone who stops by (over the course of 13 hours) why every adult over the age of 19 needs a Will and Power of Attorney (or two - Property and Financial Matters and Personal Care). So, drop by if you or a friend are looking for some entertainment, or even want to learn more about Wills and Powers of Attorney.

There will be over 90 exhibitors with all kinds of products and services, many of them local WOM*ENtrepreneurs, so there is sure to be something new, fun, interesting or healthy to checkout. See the Fredericton Women's Show Facebook page or website.  

I want to thank the Public Legal Education and Information Service of NB and the Financial and Consumer Services Commission for the donation of the excellent booklets and information they produce for distribution. 

FREE ADMISSION - donations accepted in support of Women in TransitionPlace: Richard J. Currie Center, 15 Peter Kelly Drive, UNB

Friday, February 12, 2016

None of us like thinking about serious illness or death at all, so it is very human to say to oneself “I have lots of time to do it later”.

As “later” is a very flexible time frame, the two major events that push many clients to call to make an appointment are:

  1. taking a trip (usually right before the departure date); and
  2. the recent death of a family member, sometimes because of an intestacy and the extra delay, effort, cost and conflict that has arisen and sometimes because it brings home that we may or may not have “time later”.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

When I was growing up, it was family practice not to discuss money, politics, religion or  my grandfather’s war experiences at the dinner table, not that I remember many conversations about any of these most other times. And like awkward conversations about money and the reproduction process, we also rarely discuss our fears for serious illness or death, often until it is too late to do so.

Even questions about intimacy can pale next to the awkwardness of discussing illness and mortality. It seems that I am not alone, but as a baby boomer, this is going to cause major headaches, extra legal work and lack of productivity for the next generation. In our family, we have started to have these conversations with both our parents and our children.

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